The different types of earrings

types of earrings

Ear studs, clips, hooks, earrings or sleepers… Which one to choose when making your new pair of earrings? In fact, there really isn’t a set rule when it comes to choosing your earrings.

The important thing is to consider the diameter of the wire, the hole diameter of the beads or components you are going to use, and the length of the earrings in relation to your face and neck. But above all, choose them according to the comfort or aesthetics you are looking for.

The ear studs

What is an ear stud? The ear stud is the most common and most used model in jewelry. They are also called stud earrings because of their minimal size.

They are composed of a thin stalk that crosses the lobe. This rod is held by a butterfly-shaped clasp . The attachment is not visible, which gives them the impression of “floating” on the lobe.

They come in all shapes and styles. You will find them in 925 Silver , Gold Plated , Gold-Filled , Stainless Steel or gilded with 24K fine Gold .

Sometimes ear   a very simple pattern and sit in your ear without adding anything to it. Some types of ear studs have a setting to stick a cabochon on with a little jewelry glue .

If they have a ring, on the other hand, you will be able to let your creativity run free and imagine a bunch of dangling earrings, each one more original than the next.

Now that you know a little more about the ear stud, we give you some ideas to get into practice:

stained glass earrings  gemstone earrings  amethyst earrings  dangling earrings

The clips

These earrings are made for those who do not have their lobe pierced. Ear clips are made up of a support and a clip closure that “pinches” the ear. In this way, the earring does not slip.

Ear rings

Where to find earrings , these jewels that look like fake piercings ? Do not search anymore ! We offer a wide choice of ear rings  and ear cuffs.

The ring is presented in a semi-circle, it tightens and spreads to be positioned correctly on the cartilage of the ear.

Unlike a traditional earring, you can move and position it at will on your ear. And why not put several to be in the stacking trend?

Creoles and half-creoles

Traditionally, the creoles come in the form of round rings more or less wide. But today, we find them in the shape of squares, rectangles, hearts, ovals… There is something for everyone.

They can be worn as is or they can be personalized according to your desires with beads, thread, chains, charms, pendants, pompoms, feathers, polymer clay elements…

The creoles are completely circular. They have different ways of closing. The wire of the rings can be hollow to be able to close them by introducing a thin rodThe half-hoops, also called “semi-circular hoops”, are open.


What are sleeper earrings? When first created, long ago, sleepers were worn at night, as it was believed that the hole could fill up while sleeping. Hence their name. Their shapes have been designed accordingly, to prevent sleeping women from injuring themselves while sleeping.

The ear chains

Chain earrings are also called threader earrings because they end on one side with a bar that allows them to be easily threaded into the ear hole.

Even if they have no closure system, they are perfectly held in the ear hole and have very little chance of falling out.

Most of the time, they are used without adding anything. But some models allow you to match a pearl, a sequin, a pendant or a cabochon.

The ear hooks

Ear hooks are the most basic earrings out there. They never wear as they are. Perfect for DIY creations, they are generally reserved for the creation of dangling and long  earrings .

In principle, the rod of the hook is long so as not to lose your earring. But you can put a discreet stopper on the back of your earring for added security. It will keep him from falling.

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