How to imagine your own engagement ring?


If some imagine from home what their ideal engagement ring would look like or if others, like Meghan Markle , give a new look to their favorite piece of jewellery, anything is possible. Beanie Major , from In Detail , an engagement ring concierge service, works with brides and grooms to find the right jeweler for them. For Vogue, she shares her 5 tips for designing your own engagement ring.

Take your time

“ If you buy your ring together after the marriage proposal, you don’t have a time limit problem. Even if I do not suggest waiting until the last moment (although some couples I accompanied did not have the ring of their dreams a few weeks before the big day), it is important to take your time, although you can’t wait to show it off to all your friends and family. My advice, give yourself 3 or 4 months to choose. You may find something before but it also allows you to find retro pieces or create a custom ring .”

Set a budget

“ The main question I get asked is, ‘how much should I spend on my ring?’ But there are no price rules or who should pay. salary” for a ring. Do half and half if that suits you. The market caters for all budgets, so decide what works best for your couple. If you don’t want to know how much your partner has spent, ask them to discuss directly with the jeweler who will be able to guide you without mentioning the price.”

Follow your own style

“ When women are involved in choosing their own ring, they think of different criteria unlike someone who is going to buy a ring by surprise. “Will it go on my hand? Will I still like this style in 10 years?” are two common questions. The idea here is to ignore trends and not fall into the trap that an engagement ring has to have a specific look. Describe inspirations based on your own regular jewelry. Use apps like Pinterest or Instagram to find the design you love.

Take inspiration from your lifestyle

Women today demand a lot from their rings, hoping to wear them everywhere from the boardroom to the gym (not really advisable). So be careful what you do at work and in your free time. If you never want to remove it, you will have to pay attention to the materials chosen, the stones or the shape. Be prepared to say what you want from your ring so your jeweler can advise you on the most appropriate design .”

Know your values

“ Besides the practical and aesthetic choices, there are other things to consider. What do you two want to remember from this creative process? Rather want to find a rare piece from a little-known jeweler in East London or rather succumb to a retro jewel from Burlington Arcade? What matters most to you as a couple? A unique designer? The sustainable side? Promoting English know-how? Being connected with jewelers who share the same values ​​as you is the key to finding the perfect ring .”

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