10 good reasons to wear a watch

wear a watch

Attaching a watch to your wrist is for some a natural movement that is part of the daily routine. But if you’re one of those who don’t wear one, here are 10 reasons to wear a watch.

For aesthetics.

The range of jewelry a man can wear is quite limited, compared to women. The watch is one of those that can be worn without attracting too much attention. A nice watch does a lot in a man’s outfit, it can be used to demonstrate your taste and style.

For the professional world.

For example, if you are a professionally successful consultant, a watch on your wrist can show your clients that you are a seasoned professional. Success and its marks always arouse confidence, although one should not go overboard.

You would think that a client would be put off by the knowledge that the fees he pays you go into such expensive accessories, and that he would therefore prefer to consult someone more economical. But in fact, the opposite is often true. The subliminal message of a nice watch is very often the following: “  you can trust my professional opinions because you pay a lot for them ”.

For looks.

You can also wear your watch as a statement that says “I don’t check my cell phone to determine the time. On the contrary, I believe that time is important enough to justify a single measuring device”.

To invest.

A good watch will not depreciate very much, and can conversely increase in value. For example, it is possible to find a second-hand Patek Philipe model at auction for €1,500. While this one would resell among collectors between €4,000 and €8,000.

To remember the past.

Watches are objects that are often passed on through inheritance. A particular object, they are always imprinted with the personality of their wearer (a model can be purchased according to one’s tastes). When they are transmitted from father to son, they thus pass on this personality from one generation to another. To wear them is to honor their memory.

To remember someone.

Giving a watch is a great opportunity to associate it with someone. For example, during an engagement, it is customary for the woman to receive a ring, but also for the man to be offered a watch. An appropriate inscription can be added to the back of the watch to engrave the occasion.

To join the story.

Some models have become legendary through their passage through history, wearing them also commemorates such an event. For a presentation of models that have made history, I recommend this article.

To show your belonging.

The watch is an opportunity to show off one’s profession or affiliation. One can imagine that an astronomer wears a watch that displays astronomical data such as the lunar phases, or that an athlete has a chronograph model. A doctor may also choose a watch with a second hand in order to take a patient’s pulse.

To cut a boring conversation short.

Everyone has already found themselves in a boring conversation that we would like to cut short. But difficult to do so without upsetting the interlocutor opposite. However, looking at your watch can be a signal for the other to understand that it is time to go. This gesture actually quite often works with the subliminal message it sends.

To test others.

The codes and affiliations are very often finely perceptible. They can’t always be seen at first glance and it may take several looks to gauge someone. For example, does he wear cufflinks? A tie clip? Is his costume of good quality? The watch is one of the clues that must be studied.

If you wear one, you can then observe if the person in front is himself an observer: he lingers a little on your watch, the answer is positive. Especially in the business world, it is important to know your interlocutor.

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